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Mountain Mist® Quilt Favorites.
Oxmoor House Publishing has compiled a beautiful book, with gorgeous full color photographs and complete pattern instructions for 28 celebrated Mountain Mist® designs. Travel through the 1930's and 40's, when life was simple and quilting was a national pastime. See part of the Mountain Mist® Historical Quilt Collection and make these traditional designs using updated techniques for quicker, easier quilt making. Mountain Mist® Quilt Favorites is a lovely, long awaited quilt book to add to your collection. Hard cover, 160 pages.
Blue Book of Quilts
Since 1846, Mountain Mist® has met the obligation of being a resource for both the beginner and experienced quilter. The Mountain Mist® Pattern Collection is an outgrowth of this dedication. The pattern collection began in 1929 when Fritz Hooker, sales manager for Mountain Mist®, decided to print quilt patterns on Mountain Mist batting wrappers. In addition to many traditional patterns, the company also featured new and modern designs. As the patterns were developed, most were made into quilts which are part of the MOUNTAIN MIST® HISTORICAL QUILT COLLECTION that belongs to Polyester Fibers, LLC. The new MOUNTAIN MIST® BLUE BOOK OF QUILTS contains historical information on how the pattern collection began. The Mountain Mist® pattern collection grew to more than 130 designs, most of which are still available today.

Mountain Mist Historical Quilt Patterns
The Historical Mountain Mist® Quilt Collection, made from patterns developed mostly during the 1930's and 1940's, are known for traditional appliqué and pieced motifs and are very intricately quilted. Originally the patterns were found printed on the inside paper wrapper of the company's all-cotton batting. At one time there were 130 Mountain Mist® patterns in print, most of which remain available for mail order today.

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