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EcoCraft™ Eco-Friendly™ Fiberfill, Batting and Pillowforms by Mountain Mist®.
The environmentally friendly, naturally based EcoCraft™ line offers the performance of synthetics and the peace-of-mind of natural materials. We now have the ability to create and sell products from one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources...plants.
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Cotton Blossom™ by Mountain Mist®
COTTON BLOSSOM™ by Mountain Mist®, are cotton batting blends with A Touch of Natural Luxury™. We have gone back to the basics in a completely new way by adding luxury fibers to quilters’ favorite natural fiber, cotton. Now available are Cotton Blossom™ in Cotton & Silk blend and Cotton & Wool blend. These blends not only feature enhanced performance but also add warmth and luxury. Quilters will fall in love with these new battings.
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Mountain Mist® Heritage Collection
The Heritage Collection™ by Mountain Mist® is a new approach to an old tradition. Cashmere, Silk and Wool blends and Completely Cotton™ combine tradition with luxury to offer a complete line of fine batting, pillowforms and fiberfill unmatched by the industry! Never before have quilters been able to incorporate innovative, luxurious fibers to the historic art of quilting, bringing additional value to every piece allowing any artist to create treasures that will be handed down from generation to generation.
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Mountain Mist® White Rose & Cream Rose
Three out of four quilters chose White Rose or Cream Rose as the number one needlepunch batting compared to competitive brands! They are manufactured with an innovative fiber finish that allows easy needling for hand quilting and machine quilting. White Rose is a 100% bleached white fiber needled cotton batting. Cream Rose is unbleached, but washed and leaves no oily residue. Both contain no scrim with a tremendous soft feel and wonderful drape. Hand quilters, machine quilters and longarm quilters have tested both successfully. Quilt up to 6" apart. Available in packages and rolls up to 102" wide. Light loft 1/8" thick
Mountain Mist® 100% Cotton Batting
Our Mountain Mist® 100% Cotton batting is made of all bleached natural fibers with our exclusive Glazene® finish. It is an economical batt which has been used by generations of traditional quilters, who prefer fine hand stitching and who have a preference for using all natural fibers and fabrics. We recommend quilting at 1/4" to 1/2" intervals. Prewashing is not necessary or recommended. Light loft 1/4" thick.
Mountain Mist® Blue Ribbon Cotton Batting
This improved 100% cotton batt is easier to quilt and nicer to touch. Mountain Mist® Blue Ribbon Cotton batting has many of the properties of the bleached cotton batting, but has increased durability and may be quilted at intervals up to 2" apart. This cotton batting has been manufactured with an innovative process that allows a lighter weight cotton batt which is nicer to use and gives an antique appearance to the finished quilt. Available in 45" x 60" and 90" x 108", this wonderful old-fashioned Blue Ribbon Cotton Batting has all the fabulous qualities of cotton batting with the commemorative wrapper and free pattern. Light loft 1/8" – 1/4" thick.
Mountain Mist® GOLD Cotton Polyester Quilt Batting
Our Mountain Mist® GOLD Cotton batting is a unique blend of 50% Cotton 50% Polyester - the best of both fibers. Light to medium weight batting that is excellent for fine hand stitching and machine quilting. Quilt up to 3" intervals. Prewashing is not necessary or recommended. Medium loft 1/4" – 3/8" thick.
Mountain Mist® Gold-Fuse and White-Fusible "Baste-Free" Batting
Mountain Mist® introduces a new era in batting that will save hours in the basting process. Simply steam-iron the layers of your quilt together in minutes - a queen size quilt takes an hour - no other basting necessary! It is a light bond that can be repositioned as desired and remains soft during and after quilting. Gold-Fuse is 50% Cotton 50% Polyester and can be quilted by hand or machine up to 3" apart. White Gold is 100% cotton and can be quilted by hand or machine up to 2" apart. Do not pre-wash. Available in popular sizes. Light loft 1/8" – 1/4" thick.
Mountain Mist® Polyester Batting
This incredibly soft and uniform batting is America's favorite. Mountain Mist's 100% polyester batting with our exclusive Glazene® finish is easy to handle, needle, and drapes beautifully. Preferred by the experienced quilter and highly recommended to those beginning their first quilt project. This medium loft batting can be quilted or tied up to 5" apart. Available in a complete selection of sizes, craft size through king size. Medium loft 3/8" – 1/2" thick.
Mountain Mist® Fatt Batt Batting
This extra lofty batting is very soft which enhances drapeability. Over twice as thick as our regular quilt batting, it is perfect for comforters, outerwear, trapunto and many other craft projects. Our exclusive Glazene® finish permits easy handling and inhibits fiber migration. We recommend quilting or tying up to 4" apart. Available in three popular sizes. Heavy loft 1/2" – 5/8" thick.
Mountain Mist® Quilt-Light® Batting
Quilt-Light® is a light-weight quilt batting with a reduced loft for an old fashioned appearance; a quality usually limited to cotton battings. Quilt-Light® is all polyester with our exclusive Glazene® finish, a combination which makes it easy for you to quilt fine, even stitches into your heirloom. This light loft batting can be quilted or tied up to 5" apart. Available in crib size through king size. Light loft 1/8" - 1/4" thick.
Mountain Mist® Luxury Loft Pillowforms
High-end superior pillow insert with "tone on tone" printed woven cover. Professional decorator appearance with luxurious and down-like feel. Available in 14", 16", 18" & 20" square sizes.
Mountain Mist® Pillowloft® Pillowforms
Our premium quality pillowforms have 100% polyester fiber filling with a woven cover. Pillowloft® Pillowforms maintain their shape and wear beautifully. These excellent pillowforms are available in a wide variety of sizes from 12" square to 30" square. Also available are bolster and heart shaped forms.
Mountain Mist® Fiberloft® Polyester Stuffing
100% premium quality polyester fiber from Mountain Mist®. It is easy to use and ideal for toys, soft crafts, decorations, pillows, etc. Available in four sizes: 12 oz., 1 lb. and 2 lb.; and 20 lb. bulk carton.
Mountain Mist® Designers' Choice Polyester Batting
Designers' Choice is an economical line of batting, stuffing and pillow inserts. The batting is made with newer, state-of-the-art processes that offer a very durable batt with little or no fiber migration. It is a lightweight batting that is easy to hand needle, machine quilt or tie up to 5" apart. Economy characterizes this all purpose 100% polyester stuffing. Designers' Choice pillows are filled with the same fiber used in Pillowloft® pillows and are made with a non-woven cover. Good quality filler materials at an economical cost.
Comfortloft® Polyester Batting
Comfortloft® has many of the same characteristics as Designers' Choice, but is available in roll batting form. It is great for craft projects where a little padding is desired. Comfortloft® was designed so that the batting adheres to itself, allowing it to be stacked or layered, yet preventing it from shifting or sliding. Pre-washing is unnecessary and is not recommended. Comfortloft may be quilted or tied up to five (5) inch intervals or less. It is available in roll form in both 45" and 90" widths. Medium loft 1/4" – 3/8" thick.
Smart Foam
Smart Foam is constructed of 100% polyester using a patented process to produce an improved alternative to conventional foam items. Smart Foam is perfect for chair cushions, upholstery, outdoor furniture, boating, camping & recreational vehicles, crib accessories, interior design projects and more. Smart Foam is mildew resistant, non-allergenic, and flame resistant. It is also easy to use, washable and will not yellow or disintegrate over time.
Ultra Fine
This 100% needle-punched polyester batting is uniform, easy to needle, soft to the touch, and drapes beautifully. Mountain Mist® Ultra Fine batting is excellent for apparel, crafts, and all needlework projects.


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